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The Lagomarsino Group utilizes the most advanced equipment available to increase both the efficiency of labor as well as equipment. Environmentally controlled cabins increase operator comfort and efficiency. Tractors equipped with both front and rear 3 point hitches allow two operations per pass through the field, reducing time, soil compaction and fuel.

The Lagomarsino Group is using reflective materials in an attempt to capture and use any sunlight that is not intercepted by the plant. Sunlight that falls onto the drive row is wasted, but with the use of the reflective material, light is bounced back up to the plant and utilized as energy for photosynthesis. This material is also totally recyclable.

The “Smart Sprayer” has the ability to distinguish the target weed from bare soil, thus making herbicide applications more efficient. The mechanism utilizes a computerized optics that differentiates between the color green and the soils background color, so as the sprayer passes over, only target weeds are treated.

The Lagomarsino Group has long recognized that water is one of our most precious natural resources. All ranches have been converted from flood to drip irrigation. Neutron probes and evapo-transportation guidelines are used for soil water measurements. Soil and tissue analysis are used to determine the type and amount through fertigation, so maximum efficiency in water and fertilization can be achieved.

Lagomarsino Farming employs the latest technology in mating disruption for control of Oriental Fruit Moth, Garpholita Molesta (OFM). The OFM-O Puffer cabinets are placed in the trees in early spring and protect the fruit trees for 200 days as the fruit matures. This dispensing apparatus releases the female pheromone (mating attractant) en masse into the orchard environment, decreasing the OFM male’s ability to find an individual calling female and thereby reducing mating and subsequent populations. It is a valuable tool in the company’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Strategies and just one example of our commitment to reduce the use of pesticides.